Big Fish and Hunt Camp

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Dear anglers, welcome to Sørøya!

We are located in Sorvaer - fishing village on the northwest tip of the island of Sørøya.

This is paradise for deep sea fisherman of all levels. Every season is high season here.

Fiskarboden was established in 2007 and since that time people from different countries has visited us. We have had quests from Norway, Sweden, Poland, Russia, Czech Republic and Germany.

You will have the possibility to catch giant Cod, Wolffish, Halibut, Coalfish, Anglerfish, Redfish, Tusk and Haddock. Season starts at the beginning of March and last until September. You can use our boats and fishing  equiptment to try your skills and luck.
We offer two boats, Arronet 23,5 feet (aluminium) with Honda 135hp, Silver Eagler 21 feet with Mercury 115hp.

Here you have great possiblity to make new personal or even world records. The bigges Cod so far was caught on Sørøya by Michael Eisele in 2013 - 47.02 kg.
Fiskarboden record was established in 2014 by Zbigniew Slaski catching Cod of 43 kg.